The Swiss Society for Sacral Neuromodulation (SSSNM) promotes the diagnosis and treatment of patients with intestinal and bladder dysfunction. If a therapy-refractory situation exists, sacral neuromodulation can often achieve an astonishing improvement. A clear, well-established indication and competent implementation of SNM are an important concern of the SSSNM. For quality assurance, we maintain an SSSNM database and, if necessary, organise training or/or guidance for colleagues who are establishing the technique at their centre.

The SSSNM supports basic research and clinical studies in the field of SNM and promotes new neuromodulation techniques for the treatment of intestinal and bladder dysfunction.

The SSSNM represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis political authorities, insurers, medical associations and industry. By fostering a constructive dialogue, we try to create optimal conditions for the implementation of SSSNM. In this way – if SNM is successful – we can also improve the quality of life of our patients.


President of the SSSNM                                    Vice-President of the SSSNM

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas M. Kessler                  Dr. med. Lukas Marti